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Mon related software.
Our code contributions to the mon project.
Current Code

Description Size Download
Virus Event Old
A Script that works with Clamd's Virus Event setting. 1.1K Current
CLamAV Unified Event System
A Script to handle the Clam Antivirus External Events.
2.9K Current
CLamAV Common Execution Environment
A patchset that adds aditional functions to the Clam Antivirus service. Including a common Execution Environment for the External Events.
97K Current
Clam Bake Old
Clam Bake
A tool for enumerating, stress testing, and/or shutting down instances of the Clam Antivirus service on a network.
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Enjoy thoroughly.
Use Responsibly.
3.6K Current
Our version of Lenny Cartier's iptoip. 15K Current
The continuation of Ryan McCabe's iplog project. N/A Github
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